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‘I’m not going to defend it’: Labor leader joins Ray Hadley after explosive donation scandal

A review has been ordered into NSW Labor’s head office following shocking ICAC revelations.

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese and NSW leader Jodi McKay announced the review into the party’s governance and administration following ICAC’s investigation into a $100,000 cash donation.

Former federal attorney-general Michael Lavarch has been tasked with delivering a report on the party’s best path to reform within a month.

NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay tells Ray Hadley there’s no excuse for the donation scandal.

“I despair over it, I really do.

“I’m not going to defend it, Ray.”

She says the review will look into two key issues, including the role of the general secretary, which is the most senior position in the party administration.

“It’s my view that there is too much power vested in the general secretary.

“The second part of it is looking at the administrative issues we have within our head office when it comes to donations and fundraising.”

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