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‘It just beggars belief’: ICAC investigates explosive claims of Labor donation cover-ups

Image: The Chinese Friends of Labor election fundraiser in 2015

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has begun investigating claims Labor disguised illegal donations from a Chinese property developer.

It’s alleged Huang Xiangmo handed over $100,000 in cash at the Chinese Friends of Labor election fundraiser just weeks before the 2015 election.

The Electoral Commission became suspicious when the donations were registered in smaller bundles of $5000, which was under the legal limit.

It’s alleged the donations were attributed to restaurant workers in order to disguise their true nature.

State Political Reporter Tamara Wearne spoke to Ray Hadley from the first day of ICAC hearings, telling him a number of high profile figures are expected to give evidence.

“The evidence so far just beggars belief, Ray. You’d think that that would raise alarms within the party.”

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