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Andrew Bolt & Steve Price, Thursday April 27

Andrew Bolt and Steve Price discuss the day’s politics. News Corp’s Business Columnist Terry McCrann joins the program to discuss ‘good and bad debt.’

Sports Update With James Willis

James Willis joins Steve Price for an extended look at the day in sport.

1 hour ago / 06:45
The Fifty Up Club with Kayley Harris

Kayley Harris joins Steve Price to talk aged care.

1 hour ago / 07:26
Chris Kohler and Housing Affordability

The Australian’s Chris Kohler joins Steve Price to discuss his three part expose with Fred Pawle on housing affordability.

1 hour ago / 11:22
Steve Wardill from the Courier Mail

Steve Wardill joins Steve Price to disucss the week in Queensland politics.

2 hours ago / 10:09
Andrew Clennell from The Daily Telegraph

Andrew Clennell joins Steve Price to discuss the week in NSW politics.

2 hours ago / 10:24
Matt Clear’s Brain Cancer Journey

Matt Clear is a Melbourne based father of four diagnosed in 2015 with what is now inoperable brain cancer. Matt is raising funds for an experimental treatment in America, you can find out more by visting Matt’s GoFundMe page here.

2 hours ago / 10:42
Ash Pollard’s Food

Ash Pollard joins Steve Price to talk school lunches and sharing meals.

2 hours ago / 09:30
Money To Love With Steve Price And Heidi Armstrong

Heidi Armstrong joins Steve Price to discuss what makes you happy.

2 hours ago / 21:57
Harold Mitchell

Our roving correspondent Harold Mitchell joins Ross for his weekly chat

5 hours ago / 08:10
TK Maxx lands in Sydney

TK Maxx marketing manager Tessa Buenen talks to Ross Greenwood after TK Maxx starts to open its first Australian stores in American department store TK Maxx

5 hours ago / 07:07
QANTAS announces game changer fares

QANTAS Chief Executive Alan Joyce talks to Ross about the reality of the fares for the non=stop service between Perth and London.

6 hours ago / 08:18
Trump’s tax plan to impact Australia

Professor Robert Deutsche, Senior Tax Council, from the Tax Institute talks to Ross about just how Trump’s bug  tax cuts will impact Australia

6 hours ago / 09:12

Listen to the highlights of Sydney Live with Ben Fordham.

6 hours ago / 14:52
The Big Marn – Thursday April 27th

Sports news and more with Darryl Brohman.

7 hours ago / 10:10
Police Find Stolen Audi

The vehicle was carjacked at gunpoint.

7 hours ago / 03:01
Ben Fordham – Finance With Heidi Armstrong

Ben speaks to the finance expert.

7 hours ago / 07:47
When Should Children Get a Mobile?

Bill Gates says 14 years old is the right age.

8 hours ago / 04:53
Gas For Aussies First

Ben speaks to Resources Minister Matt Canavan.

9 hours ago / 05:27
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Andrew Bolt

/ 15:21

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton speaks to Ray from Washington DC where he is meeting US Secretary for Homeland Security John Kelly

/ 14:47

James Willis joins Steve Price for an extended look at the day in sport.

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