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Andrew Bolt & Miranda Devine, Wednesday February 22

Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine discuss the day’s politics.

Should weekend penalty rates be cut?

The Fair Work Commission will hand down its decision today.

1 hour ago / 12:54
Do Australians work too much?

Research shows we’re working overtime and being underpaid.

3 hours ago / 12:30
Terry Barnes

Terry Barnes discusses what undoing the Medicare freeze will mean for Australians.

3 hours ago / 11:13
Movies with Alex First

Alex First rates and reviews this week’s new releases.

7 hours ago / 14:45
Dental Health with Dr. Larry Benge: Wednesday 22nd February

Dr. Larry Benge of The Malo Clinc talks emergency dental health and the Malo ALL-ON-4 system.

7 hours ago / 04:16
Andrew Bragg on Free Trade

Andrew Bragg, Director of Policy and Reseach at the Menzies Research Centre discusses the proposed TPP and the merits of free trade.

7 hours ago / 08:58
Rita Panahi

Rita Panahi, Herald Sun columnist, joins Miranda to talk Medicinal Cannabis, Victoria’s Police Force and not being supportive of Islamic Activists.

7 hours ago / 12:26
Dr Tanveer Ahmed and ‘The Danger of Moderate Islam’

Dr Tanveer Ahmed, Psychiatrist and author of ‘Fragile Nation,’ takes your calls and discusses his latest article in The Spectator, ‘The Danger of Moderate Islam.’

8 hours ago / 22:32
Rev. Peter Kurti and the Burqa

Miranda talks to Rev. Peter Kurti, Research Fellow at the ‘Centre for Independent Studies’ about the Burqa and Benjamin Netnyahu’s visit.

9 hours ago / 17:32
Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown joins Ross Greenwood to talk technology

10 hours ago / 04:27
Doug turns 100 in style

WW2 Veteran Doug Cunningham tells Ross Greenwood about his wartime promise that if he reached 100 years of age, he’d celebrate it with 100 women

11 hours ago / 09:34
Faster Access to Medicinal Cannabis

Medlab CEO Sean Hall talks to Ross Greenwood about their first trial of cannabis for oncology patients

11 hours ago / 06:34
Alison Watkins CEO Coca-Cola Amatil

Alison Watkins talks about the closure of their South Australian plant and sugar tax

11 hours ago / 07:13
ACCC Chairman Rod Sims

ACCC is urging people to use petrol price comparison apps

12 hours ago / 02:52
Penalty Rate Decision

James Pearson the CEO of the Australian Chamber Commerce and Industry previews the penalty rate decision tomorrow

12 hours ago / 04:37
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Leon Kempler the National Chairman of the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce talks about the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit

12 hours ago / 06:50
Bill Crews’ Amazing Story

Ben speaks to the Exodus Foundation Founder.

13 hours ago
Dead Dogs Found In Freezer

The owner is on animal cruelty charges.

13 hours ago / 02:50
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Chris speaks with Dick Smith about nuclear energy, and the housing affordability crisis.

/ 14:37

Prue joins Chris for her weekly chat.    

/ 06:44

Ben speaks to the club’s CEO John Tsatsimas.

/ 14 hours ago
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