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Andrew Bolt & Steve Price, Wednesday April 26

Andrew Bolt and Steve Price discuss the day’s politics.

Sports Update With James Willis

James Willis joins Steve Price to take an extended look at the day in sport.

4 mins ago / 05:42
Movies with Alex First

Alex First joins Steve Price to discuss what’s new at the box office.

6 mins ago / 19:35
The ‘World’s Largest Open House’

Peter Debnam, Chairman of NSW Kids in Need joins Steve Price to discuss the even on Sunday raising funds for six children’s charities.

11 mins ago / 07:38
Ben Myers & Downsizing in Retirement

Ben Myers, Executive Director of the Retirement Living Council joins Steve Price to discuss encouraging seniors to downsize homes.

32 mins ago / 08:26
Dental Health with Dr. Larry Benge: Wednesday April 26

Dr. Larry Benge from the Malo Clinic joins Steve Price to discuss teeth grinding.

34 mins ago / 05:58
Rita Panahi

The Herald Sun’s Rita Panahi joins Steve Price for her take on this week’s big issues.

36 mins ago / 11:38
The Courses and Careers Show: Wednesday April 26

Danny Bielik joins Steve Price to discuss and take your calls on Higher Education and careers.

38 mins ago / 23:56
Charlie Brown: :Life and Technology

Charlie Brown joins Ross for his weekly technology talk

3 hours ago / 02:40
Wager on the French Election

The President of the Eurasia, Ian Bremmer, has been challenged to a wager by the Economist magazine regarding his views on the result of the French Election

3 hours ago / 07:52

Listen to the highlights of Sydney Live with Ben Fordham.

3 hours ago / 05:08
Plan For More Cops On The Streets

Ben speaks to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

4 hours ago / 04:22
Housing Affordability gets worse

Moody’s Investors Services, Vice President, Alena Chen talks to Ross about her report on housing affordability deteriorating in 2017 causing a bad credit rating for the Australian RMBS

4 hours ago / 04:08
Trump’s big tax cuts

Tomorrow U.S. President Donald Trump is set to announce major tax reforms that will have a direct impact on Australia. PWC Partner, Paul Abbey, talks to Ross on what he thinks will happen.

4 hours ago / 04:29
France Election has International economic impact

CEO of the French Chamber of Commerce in Australia, Francois Romante, joins Ross to talk about what impact this Election has had on the economy.

4 hours ago / 06:00
Stock market reaches an all time high

Chris Stott, the Chief Investment Officer at Wilson’s Asset Management, talks to Ross on why the stock market has reached an all time high on the back of the French election and Trump’s big tax cut annoucment tomorrow,

4 hours ago / 04:41
Inflation rates rise but not enough for rate hike

Paul Dales, chief economist for Capitol Economics, talks to Ross about inflation numbers rising but why he thinks its not enough for an Interest rate hike.

4 hours ago / 05:45
Child Stuck In Vending Machine

Ben speaks to the fire fighter who rescued him.

5 hours ago / 03:58
Self Censoring Media

The New York Times won’t mention female genital mutilation.

6 hours ago / 02:32
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Australian War Memorial Director Brendan Nelson talks to Natalie and Michael about “In Flanders Fields” and discusses increased security for 2017 commemorations.

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James Willis joins Steve Price to take an extended look at the day in sport.

/ 4 mins ago
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