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Drew McAlister

Drew McAlister joins Ray in the studio to perform “Coming Your Way” from his new album of the same name

In a red meat industry first, a state of the nation report has highlighted Australia leads the world for supplying and eating red meat. In 2015/16 exports were valued at $15 billion dollars. Overall turnover growing by 11%, reaching $62 billion. Rural reporter Eddie Summerfield caught up with Red Meat Advisory Council Independent Chairman Don […]

1 hour ago / 07:09

In today’s National Rural News – reaction to energy policy, red meat industry booms, and the cherry season draws closer. Plus the latest market reports and more.

1 hour ago / 15:49

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy tells Ray officers inspected the remainder of a truck fleet after one of the company’s tipper and dog was caught driving through the Galston Gorge

1 hour ago / 11:33

Ray spoke to Richard, who’s riding his bike from Melbourne to Wollongong to raise money for nine-year-old Chloe, who suffers from brain disease.   To donate, visit   More information: A nine-year-old girl suffering a rare brain disease will be the inspiration for 22 cyclists when they travel more than 1000 kilometres from Melbourne […]

2 hours ago

Ray reports material has been illegally dumped at a property on Tennyson Road at Tennyson, but Hawkesbury Council hasn’t been able to contact the owners

2 hours ago / 01:33

Alan talks to Sydney City councillor Angela Vithoulkas

4 hours ago / 08:55

Alan talks to UK correspondent Adam Gilchrist  

5 hours ago / 01:50

Will rural areas be robbed of access to vital medicines?

7 hours ago / 08:34

Voters are leaving the major parties in droves for their lack of vision and failure to solve the energy crisis.

8 hours ago / 11:24

Complaints about the NBN have doubled

9 hours ago / 09:21

James Willis joins Michael McLaren to take an extended look at the day in sport.

13 hours ago / 06:11

7 News’ Europe Bureau Chief, Hugh Whitfeld, joins Michael McLaren to take a look at the day in European news.

14 hours ago / 07:21

Tim Stackpool, The Techno Bloke, joins Michael McLaren to take a relevant look at the week in technology.

14 hours ago / 07:27

Dr Bella D’Abrera from The Institute of Public Affairs joins Michael McLaren to talk identity politics now being the focus of many university courses.

14 hours ago / 09:05

Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine joins Michael McLaren to talk Media Watch and Hilary Clinton.

14 hours ago / 15:59

Dr Auriel Jameson, General Medicine specialist at the Sydney Adventist Hospital joins Michael McLaren to talk Osteoporosis Week.

15 hours ago / 08:03

Dr George Rennie, politics lecturer at the University of Melbourne joins Michael McLaren for his take on proposed regulations.

15 hours ago / 12:03

Brett Stene from Jacaranda Financial Planning joins Michael McLaren to take your calls.

15 hours ago / 22:03
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