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Pamella Williams

Luke speaks to investigative journalist Pamela Williams, who has uncovered footage of a police interview that family members of a mother and son killed in the 2011 Toowoomba floods believe shows police blamed the woman for the tragedy to deflect attention away from the triple zero operator who failed to send help.

What’s On: 2017 Hunter Valley Food and Wine Festival

What’s On takes a look at the upcoming Hunter Valley Food and Wine Festival, thanks to Destination NSW and Accor Hotels.

2 hours ago / 06:19
U.S Vice President Mike Pence in Australia

US expert Tom Switzer joins Natalie and Michael to discuss US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Australia

2 hours ago / 06:20
ANZAC Day 2017

Australian War Memorial Director Brendan Nelson talks to Natalie and Michael about “In Flanders Fields” and discusses increased security for 2017 commemorations.

3 hours ago / 15:24
2017 TV Week Logies

Entertainment reporter Angela Bishop previews the Logies from the red carpet in Melbourne.

3 hours ago / 05:10
The Sunday Carve Up – April 23rd

Listen to the Continuous Call Team Sunday Carve Up, April 23rd.

5 hours ago / 02:45
Business Broomeing for Graeme

70 year old Graeme McCarthur from Broome in Western Australia, talks to Ross about the three businesses he runs

10 hours ago / 05:03
Paramedic Norm Spalding retires after 40 years of service

Norm Spalding reflects on his 40 years in the Ambulance Service

10 hours ago / 09:52
I’ll never be able to afford a house – and older generations don’t give a damn

ANU student Megan Shellie talks to Ross  about her frustration in getting into the housing market

10 hours ago / 10:43
Older workers happiest at work

Rebecca Cassels from Curtin University talks to Ross about a new study showing that older workers are happiest at work

10 hours ago / 07:13
Markus Kemetter

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie found out more about Suunto’s robust HR and multisport GPS watch from Suunto’s product manager, Markus Kemetter.

11 hours ago / 08:19
Paul Reid

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie got to know about Panasonic’s newest product launches for TV, Audio and Blu-ray players from Managing Director, Paul Reid.  

11 hours ago / 05:38
Alfred Boyadgis

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie spoke to CEO & Co-Founder of Forcite, Alfred Boyadgis about their new smart motorcycle helmet that has integrated technology.

11 hours ago / 08:20
Richard Saunders

Richard Saunders from Australian Skeptics talks to Mike about hoaxes

16 hours ago / 11:33
Tim the Techno Guy

Tim Stackpool talks to Mike about new and innovative technology  

16 hours ago / 12:44
Professor David Flint

Professor David Flint  talks about the protocols involved when the Queen dies and the Republic debate  

17 hours ago / 16:33
Russell Morris ANZAC Remembrance Album

Russell Morris talks to Mike about his tribute album of songs and poetry honouring the ANZACS

18 hours ago / 09:29
Dr Ali Walker

Dr Walker tells Luke about the different kinds of brain waves and how we can use them.

22/04/2017 / 10:22
Kia Sportage: good all round value for money

I’ve spoken before about Kia’s healthy rise in sales this year – up 34 per cent in the first quarter with a model range that is most comprehensive. I’ve just driven a string of Kia’s and all from the small Picanto hatch, to the Rio hatch, to the Sportage SUV, offered good all round value […]

22/04/2017 / 00:54
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