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CarAdvice with Trent Nikolic

Trent Nikolic from joins Luke Davis and Julian King to talk the new Nissan Navara Series 2.

6 hours ago / 05:44
Rugby League The Musical

Luke Davis and Julian King sit down with Rugby League The Musical’s creator Denis Carnahan to talk about his work and maybe play a couple of live songs in the studio!

7 hours ago / 13:51
Food and Wine with Ben Malouf, March 24

Ben Malouf joins Luke Davis and Julian King to talk everything food and wine. This week’s guests include Festival of the Roast’s Brigid Kennedy and Alex Retief from Urban Winery Sydney.

7 hours ago / 30:53
Sportzone full podcast: March 24

listen to the full show here

11 hours ago
The Big Marn – Friday March 24th

Sports news and more with Darryl Brohman.

12 hours ago / 09:40
Gillian Triggs Slams 18C Changes

The Human Rights Commission boss is kidding herself.

13 hours ago / 02:22
Aussie Sailing Around Antarctica

Lisa Blair speaks to Ben from the South-Atlantic ocean.

13 hours ago / 05:46
Malcolm Turnbull’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Him

Why didn’t he listen to his colleague?

13 hours ago / 04:50
Freddy Fordham On Today Extra Set

Check out the video.

13 hours ago
PM Says Travel Allowances Are OK

Malcolm Turnbull says it passes the sniff test

13 hours ago / 01:45
More Women Working Into Their 70s

Former Play School host Benita Collings is still working at 76.

15 hours ago / 04:13
City Of Sydney Re-Assessing Security

Ben speaks to security expert Neil Fergus in the wake of the London attack.

15 hours ago / 04:59
Entertainment with Jo Casamento

Chris catches up with Jo Casamento to get the latest on movies and entertainment.

16 hours ago / 07:30
Friday Fan Day- Mcdonald’s Thornleigh

16 hours ago
Smithy’s Deplorables: Alex Malley

Smithy’s Deplorables: Alex Malley

18 hours ago / 10:44
Breaking Mould

An Australian researcher may have found a way to stop mould developing on fresh fruit and vegetables. Rural reporter Eddie Summerfield spoke with Dr Kristy Bayliss to ask her about the treatment.

18 hours ago / 03:35
National Rural News March 24

National Rural News.

19 hours ago / 15:49
Find A Winner

Duncan McRae and Mark ‘Piggy’ Riddell give their tips for the weekend’s sport

19 hours ago / 10:12
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Smithy’s Deplorables: Alex Malley

/ 10:44

Andrew Joins Chris for his Weekly Chat

/ 20:37

listen to the full show here

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