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Ian Plimer slams renewable energy lunacy

Power prices go up, but energy reliability goes down. Professor Ian Plimer joins Michael McLaren.

Immigration priming population to burst

Population Policy Taskforce member Bob Birrell joins Michael McLaren

57 mins ago / 12:32
Solar panels for Trump’s Wall

President Trump wants to put solar panels on his Mexico Wall

1 hour ago / 06:21
Brendan Pearson

Chris talks to the Minerals Council chief executive about the Finkel report and finding cheaper sources of electricity  

1 hour ago / 15:17
Jimmy Webb

Chris is joined in the studio by the legendary American songwriter ahead of his Australian tour

1 hour ago / 12:14
UK Report – 22nd June 2017

Chris talks to UK correspondent Adam Gilchrist  

1 hour ago / 04:29
Sports Update with Billy McGee, June 22

Billy McGee joins Steve Price to preview the weekend in sport.

7 hours ago / 07:31
The Fifty Up Club with Kayley Harris

Kayley Harris joins Steve Price to talk health insurance and money saving ideas.

7 hours ago / 05:00
Steve Wardill from the Courier Mail

Steve Wardill joins Steve Price to talk Paul Pisasale, Annastacia Palaszczuk’s trade mission and Queensland’s bloated bureaucracy.

7 hours ago / 09:42
Andrew Clennell from the Daily Telegraph

Andrew Clennell joins Steve Price to talk the NSW state budget wrap and shoot-to-kill legislation.

7 hours ago / 10:24
Thursday Food with Ash Pollard

Ash Pollard joins Steve Price to talk the price of lamb shanks, life without bees and Foie Gras.

7 hours ago / 12:07
Money To Love with Heidi Armstrong

Heidi Armstrong joins Steve Price for Money To Love. This episode, Heidi and Steve take your calls on online shopping versus a bricks and mortar store.

7 hours ago / 22:00
Charlie Brown

Steve Price talks to Charlie Brown about the latest technology news.

11 hours ago / 08:36
What was most claimed last financial year?

Dr Linda Swan, the chief medical officer at Medibank, talks to Steve Price about what was most claimed in tax returns last financial year.

11 hours ago / 06:14
Tourism Australia CEO raises money for the homeless

John O’Sullivan, the CEO of Tourism Australia, braces for a chilly night at the Vinnies CEO sleepout.

12 hours ago / 06:12
Chilly Night for CEO’s

Jack De Groot, the CEO of NSW St Vincent de Paul, talks to Steve Price about Vinnies CEO sleepout which raises money for the homeless.

12 hours ago / 04:20
S.A state-based Bank Levy… Banks are not happy

Tony Pearson, the Executive Director of Industry Policy at the Australian Bankers Association, talks to Steve Price about finding out about the state based tax for the big four banks plus Macquarie through a media release and if other states will follow suit.

12 hours ago / 07:02

Listen to the highlights of Sydney Live with Ben Fordham.

12 hours ago / 01:32
Ben Fordham – Finance With Heidi Armstrong

Ben speaks to the finance expert.

12 hours ago / 08:46
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Pauline Hanson joins Steve Price and Andrew Bolt.

/ 11:19

Former AFL player Phil Carman joins Steve Price reflect on his career and life in a new book by Matt Watson, “Fabulous: The Phil Carman Story.” You can buy the book through Phil’s website.

/ 16:05

Billy McGee joins Steve Price to preview the weekend in sport.

/ 7 hours ago

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