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EXCLUSIVE | Luke Foley admits ANZ Stadium needs investment

State Labor leader Luke Foley has conceded ANZ Stadium needs to be made into a rectangular venue, despite a public policy of putting schools and hospitals first.

He made the admission while once again slamming the government’s heavily criticised $2.7 billion plan to knock down and rebuild both Allianz and ANZ Stadiums.

“I don’t support a knockdown rebuild of a stadium that’s simply not big enough to host our major events… it’s a second tier stadium.

“I just think the place that hosts the Grand Finals and Origins is a more important priority than the one in the eastern suburbs that will never be big enough for them.”

Ray Hadley probed furth into Mr Foley’s intentions for ANZ Stadium.

“I would think that you’d be happy for ANZ Stadium to be made a rectangular stadium… so rugby league, rugby union and soccer can be played there and we need to modernise the stadium despite the fact that it was only built 20 years ago.”

“Yep,” Mr Foley replies.

Ray asks again, “Am I right there?”

Mr Foley, “Yep”.

The opposition has repeatedly promised hospitals and schools before stadiums but a concrete policy position is yet to be announced.

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