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Chris Smith praises volunteers who are making ‘life a little bit easier’

Mega Farm Rescue update
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On Monday and Tuesday, Chris Smith broadcasted live from drought-ravaged Forbes for the Mega Farm Rescue, Australia’s biggest rural rescue with Rural Aid.

Renovators, tradies and other volunteers gathered for the week-long effort to bring relief to struggling farmers in the district.

“I have no doubt the work the volunteers have been doing is going to make life a little bit easier,” says Chris.

Several properties across drought-affected Forbes were selected to have work done.

Whether it be to patch up driveways, fix fences, repair equipment or lay carpets inside homes, the volunteers came ready to work.

Neil Elliot and his wife Alison are leading the work on farmer Paul Downie’s property.

Neil tells Chris “we’ve been working very, very hard.”

“It has been tough days, but it’s been good and rewarding,” he says.

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Paul Downie says when his farm was nominated for help, he said, “No way, we don’t need that”.

“There’s plenty of other people worse off than we are, go and do them!”

“They said, ‘Tough luck, you’re doing it,” he tells Chris.

“They’ve done a beautiful job.

“We just can’t thank them enough.”

Chris also met Bob while on the Downie farm.

He’s called in to share more of what the volunteers accomplished.

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Chris Smith’s special delivery to desperate farmers in Forbes

Mega Farm Rescue update