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Chris Smith broadcasting from drought-ravaged Forbes

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Chris Smith is broadcasting live from Forbes for the Mega Farm Rescue, Australia’s biggest rural rescue with Rural Aid.

It’ll see renovators, tradies and other volunteers gather for the week-long effort to bring relief to struggling farmers in the district.

But why was this regional community chosen out of the many areas doing it tough in New South Wales?

Because local resident Kim Lowe decided enough was enough.

She tells Chris her own business has suffered when floods hit the region and the community rallied to help her.

“I turned around and said, ‘Look what can we do to actually help the farmers that have supported us?'”

“Bring it on. It’s what Australians do,” she said.

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Rural Aid CEO Charles Alder tells Chris while there has been rain, it’s “not enough to break the drought”.

“They’re on an upward swing. It’s been pretty bad for them.”

Farmer Paul tells Chris the Mega Rescue is “certainly a big day”.

He says “it’s tough” after the season was too dry for him to plant his wheat crops.

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Forbes Shire Mayor Phyllis Miller says the effort is “just amazing”.

“It makes me want to cry. It really makes you know what a great country we live in.”

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