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Chris Smith’s special delivery to desperate farmers in Forbes

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Chris Smith is broadcasting live from Forbes for the Mega Farm Rescue, Australia’s biggest rural rescue with Rural Aid.

Renovators, tradies and other volunteers have descended on the area to help out for the week.

On Monday, Chris spoke to the people behind the big event and today, he’s getting to know those locals who are doing it tough.

Hazel Contour and brother Ian Hooper live in Forbes and they’re struggling to keep their cattle alive.

After selling almost half their herd, the pair can barely afford to feed what they’ve kept.

But Chris visited them on their property with some good news and a special delivery.

East Coast Beverages have donated more than 120 tonnes of orange peel and pulp for their cattle to munch on.

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Hazel tells Chris “it’s very tough”.

“Most of the crops now are destroyed because there hasn’t been any rain.

“We’ve only got up to the end of this month’s worth of hay left and then we don’t know what’s going to happen after that.”

She also says they only have four to six weeks worth of water left on the property.

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