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Australian Made CEO responds to redesign outrage

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The government will spend $5 million over three years raising the profile of the Australian Made brand, but that’s of little comfort to many furious Australians.

A new logo designed by Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council to “bring some consistency” to the national brand has sparked outrage.

Australian Made CEO Ben Lazzaro admitted to Mark Levy the rebranding budget would’ve been well spent if redirected to the original campaign.

“$10 million could’ve certainly gone a long way into accessing new markets and providing new channels for Aussie exporters.”

However, he assured listeners the original logo won’t disappear: that would be a waste of the kangaroo’s “market capital”.

“It’s done the job in the export market and domestically for over 34 years now.

“It’s going to continue to do the heavy lifting for Aussie exporters.

“The Australian Made logo’s in real good shape: it’s never been more popular.”

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