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Iconic kangaroo ditched in favour of abstract new logo

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The iconic Australian kangaroo has been ditched as our national logo in favour for an abstract depiction of the yellow wattle.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham accepted the change after Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council made the decision to rebrand the logo.

They argue the kangaroo is internationally recognised but doesn’t represent Australia’s lesser-known assets like technology and education.

The new logo:


Mr Birmingham said in a statement that the new logo will “bring some consistency” for Australian businesses presenting themselves on the international stage.

“It’s terrible! Bring back the kangaroo,” Ben Fordham said.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham’s full statement:

“The Morrison Government remains 100 per cent committed to the Australian Made Kangaroo and is providing $5 million to increase its recognition.

“Kangaroos will continue to be a key part of Australia’s marketing and logos from our Air Force to our tourism campaigns, our national airline and our sporting teams.

“The Nation Brand developed by Australian business leaders will simply seek to bring some consistency in how different government agencies, industry bodies, states and territories present themselves at international trade shows and similar events.”

see the logo