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Deborah Knight clashes with Trade Minister over $10 million rebrand

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Trade Minister Simon Birmingham has revealed the big budget given to the design of a widely-criticised new national logo.

Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council was set a budget of $10 million for the marketing campaign, of which the logo was an element, which “wasn’t fully expended” Mr Birmingham told Deborah Knight.

“I don’t know how you justify spending it,” she replied.

The Trade Minister was adamant “there’s no change”, and the redesigned logo will be used for non-export products and trade show design inspiration.

“This isn’t replacing any kangaroos anywhere: it’s not replacing the Australian Made logo.”

He says the new logo is designed to be more inclusive of the science, research and technology sectors.

“But how is a sprig of wattle going to promote science and technology?” Deborah hit back.

“It’s an abstract thing that looks like a coronavirus!”

When confronted over the confusing reference to the chemical notation for gold, Mr Birmingham argued, “We’re a great mining country and we should also be achieving to a gold standard”.

“Oh come on, really?!”

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