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Dennis Shanahan

Ray Hadley speaks with The Australian’s Political Editor Dennis Shanahan about the advice he gave to Sam Dastayri in the lead up to his China scandal. “He sometimes texts me. “But when he was last in trouble I sent him a note and I simply said, ‘Look, I’ve been in strife before for doing the wrong thing. […]


Political Editor of The Australian, Dennis Shanahan, speaks to Ross about the Prime Minister’s week from hell that’s seen an own goal over the AWU raids, and losing his Deputy Prime Minister in the High Court’s dual-citizen case

27/10/2017 / 05:54

Chris speaks with The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan.

10/05/2017 / 06:20

Dennis Shanahan The Australian’s Canberra Bureau Chief talks to Ross about why Malcolm Turnbull has decided to change elements of the Racial Discrimination Act and whether it will pass parliament

21/03/2017 / 06:50
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