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‘You just got to do a Trump’: A fresh political approach is needed

As the Liberal leadership spill continues to churn along in Canberra, Andrew Bolt offers some sage commentary on the whole farcical event.

Andrew tells Chris Smith that “Scott Morrison is an idiot to let himself get played like this”, following reports the Treasurer is preparing to run against Peter Dutton to replace Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister in a leadership spill.

“He’ll lose, and if he doesn’t lose the Liberals will be more destroyed.

“By causing a leadership ballot… that will formalise a new split in the Liberals.

“I don’t think [to put] in Morrison or Julie Bishop, that is clearly not the answer.

“Dutton might be a temporary answer… but you can see it right now the plotting against him has begun even before he’s taken over.”

While a leadership spill seems imminent, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is still insisting on a letter with the signatures of a majority of the party room calling for a party room meeting.

Malcolm Turnbull is a coward and a wrecker,” Andrew tells Chris.

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Turning to other issues that could lead Scott Morrison to succeed in winning more votes in the party room, Andrew took aim at Peter Dutton over his plan to lower power costs by removing the GST on electricity.

“It’s just funding a more expensive band-aid.

“Until you get rid of the whole global warming malarky the rest is just compensating for stupidity from global warming believers.

“You just got to do a Trump and say damn the torpedoes, forget the criticisms. I’ve got to do what is right for you guys and if you hate me for it I’m so sorry but I’m sticking up for the battler.”