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EXCLUSIVE | Ray Hadley reveals the next contender to challenge the top job

Ray Hadley has revealed Treasurer Scott Morrison is set to be the next Liberal Party member to challenge for the top job.

In the wake of Malcolm Turnbull’s narrow win against Peter Dutton in yesterday’s leadership spill, Scott Morrison is now doing the numbers.

Ray received a message from a Liberal MP revealing Scott Morrison is “now running around to put a ticket between himself and Peter Dutton” to challenge the Prime Minister.

Mr Morrison says he won’t serve as Deputy Leader to Peter Dutton but instead wants to be the leader.

“When I saw the picture this morning (pictured above) it was just infuriating,” says Ray.

“For Morrison to walk into the chamber pointing at the Prime Minister, saying he’s the man… and at exactly the same time he’s waddling around parliament suggesting to those who might vote for him, that he’ll put a ticket together.

“Scott Morrison was a man that I admired much during his time in Opposition…  if he told me it was raining outside, based on his recent performance, I’d go outside and check.

“The Prime Minister better check there’s not a blade between his shoulder blades.

“Because while he’s saying, ‘He’s the man, he’s the man!’, I can give you a gold-plated guarantee that he’s doing his best to put a ticket together involving himself and Peter Dutton.

“Mr Dutton doesn’t want to be in the same postcode as Scott Morrison, let alone in the same party room.”

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