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WATCH | North Shore pub busted for failure to socially distance

Nine News cameras have caught patrons red-handed queuing outside a pub on Sydney’s Upper North Shore, sans social distancing.

After noticing the camera crew, security staff at the Greengate Hotel in Killara swiftly moved in to distance the crowd.

Ray Hadley slammed the popular pub for failing to manage the queue until the camera was turned on them.

“I say to the owners of the Greengate … you badly let the team down this week!”

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Nine News reporter Damian Ryan told Ray this breach will damage the reputation not only of the Greengate, but pubs more broadly.

“There was probably 80 to 100 people outside the pub, and it was very reminiscent of what we saw at the Golden Sheaf.

“The majority were just shoulder-to-shoulder.

“The damage is done: if there hadn’t been a cameraman there, and they weren’t brought to account, it would’ve probably persisted for the evening.”

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Image: Nine News