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‘This is what they did in Nazi Germany’: Mark Latham slams segregation performance

The Outsider Mark Latham has unleashed on a dance performance which segregates audience members based on their skin colour.

A Victorian college student has created a performance which deliberately invites people of colour into the show’s foyer before white people.

White audience members are then directed to sign a document to acknowledge ‘where they stand’ before they were allowed to enter the theatre.

Mark Latham isn’t having it for a second, saying any university encouraging segregation should be stripped of government funding.

“This is what they did in Nazi Germany. This is just horrific.

“It’s a sign of an evil that I thought I’d never hear about in Australia.

“The Turnbull government has got to step in and say if you’re a university that segregates people on the basis of race, you don’t receive funding from the Australian taxpayer.”

The Outsider is also taking aim at Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s comments on indigenous affairs after the Labor leader claimed too many Aboriginal children were being removed from their families.

Latham says when it comes to protecting children from violent homes, race shouldn’t matter.

“Shorten can’t put these so-called social sensitivities ahead of the interests of little kids.”

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