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‘This is racism’: Dance performance separates audience members

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Just when we’d thought we had moved past separating people based on the colour of their skin…

A dance performance has come under scrutiny because it separates its white audience members from people of colour.

The Melbourne University performance Where I Stand, created by third-year Victorian College of Arts student Isabella Mason, invites white people into the foyer only after people of colour have entered.

The waiting audience is spoken to about white privilege then are asked to sign a piece of paper acknowledging “where they stand”.

The show is being described as divisive and confronting and a form of reverse segregation.

Columnist at The Australian Janet Albrechtsen, who first highlighted the story, tells Ben Fordham “this is racism”.

“There was no dance involved… there was just harrying and harassment and humiliation.

“The Victorian College of the Arts knew exactly what was going on and they endorsed racism.”

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