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‘The Staircase’ lawyer: True crime documentaries reveal police abuse of power

A defence lawyer involved in the series The Staircase says true crime documentaries have shaken people’s confidence in the criminal justice system.

The Staircase follows Michael Peterson and his legal team as they work to defend him against charges that he bludgeoned his wife to death.

Peterson called police in December 2001 to report his wife had died after falling down the stairs, but was later found guilty of her murder.

David Rudolf, the leader of Michael Peterson’s defence team, tells Ben Fordham The Staircase has opened people’s eyes to some of the problems in the criminal justice system.

“I think most people, before these documentaries came out, assumed the best of police investigators and prosecutors.

“What people did not realise is that there are bad apples… people who are in those positions sometimes abuse the power that they’re given.”

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David Rudolf is currently on a speaking tour with the lawyers involved in Making A Murderer.

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