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The man taking on GetUp says ‘they’ve been found out’

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The man responsible for Captain GetUp explains how his organisation has helped combat the left-wing activist group this election campaign.

Gerard Benedet is the National Director of Advance Australia, a conservative organisation launched in November 2018 to defend “mainstream Australian values”.

It’s biggest task has been combatting GetUp, which claims to have more than a million members.

Mr Benedet tells Alan Jones they’ve been making in-roads against the Labor/Greens support group.

“They’ve been found out this campaign because of the additional pressure they’ve felt from having a group like Advance Australia holding them to account.”

He says their cartoon characters Captain GetUp and Freddy Foreign Money have been key in reaching the Australian public.

“[They’re] deliberately designed to grab attention and to highlight to people GetUp’s radical left-wing agenda.

“It’s an unusual bit of political satire, Captain GetUp, but he’s been travelling around the seats where GetUp are helping Labor and Greens MPs undermine mainstream Coalition MPs.”

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