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‘The devil now will be in the details’ says defence expert on North Korea summit

North Korea’s leader has agreed to work towards the de-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Kim Jong-un has made history by meeting with US President Donald Trump in Singapore.

The deal-maker and dictator held talks for close to four hours.

Ahead of the meeting, President Trump had threatened to walk-out if he felt Mr Jong-un wasn’t serious about achieving peace, but it was a different story as both men emerged from their talks.

Speaking through a translator, the North Korean leader said it’s time to leave past differences behind.

The two leaders signed a historic document with four key points, the main being a commitment to work towards the complete de-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

But exactly how that would happen and to what extent remains unclear.

The Australian National University’s John Blaxland tells Ross Greenwood this appears to be a significant breakthrough.

“The devil now will be in the details of course because delivering on those four key point is easier said than done.

“There are many issues which could yet see this unravel.”

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