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Kim Jong-un commits to ‘work towards complete denuclearisation’

Macquarie National News

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says the world will see a “major change” as he and US President Donald Trump wrap up diplomatic talks in Singapore.

In a historic moment, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have signed a document which includes a commitment to work towards the complete de-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Speaking through a translator, North Korea’s leader praised Mr Trump, saying “past prejudices” have been overcome.

Ahead of the summit talks, the pair smiled and shook hands for 12 seconds and then posed for photos.

The two leaders were expected to talk on their own for up to 45 minutes, with only their translators present, before expanded bilateral meetings with their staff.

Trump predicted he would have a “great relationship” with the North Korean leader as their summit began in Singapore, while Kim said “we came here after overcoming” all the obstacles.

Senator Jim Molan tells Chris Smith it’s a “historic day” but we must manage our expectations.

He says he doesn’t trust North Korea’s leader but the diplomatic discussions are necessary.

“There is no moral equivalence between the two [leaders].

“Trump is a democratically elected leader… but Kim Jong-Un is authoritarian and many people consider him to be a mass murder, of course.

“We must keep talking… but we must back it up from a position of strength and that’s what the Americans have done.”

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