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Superglue protestor is the dud triplet of some very successful sisters

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Ray Hadley has revealed Brisbane’s superglue protestor is actually the brother of two very famous siblings.

After initially telling police his name was Sergio, a court has heard 19-year-old Eric Serge Herbert is the man responsible for shutting down Brisbane’s CBD on Tuesday.

And he’s the triplet of international supermodels, Elisha and Renee Herbert.

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Eric was “rebelling against the government’s planned genocide of the human race” and told a Brisbane Magistrates Court, “I don’t really care what punishment I get because nothing is going to stop me from doing this again.”

He also proudly admitted he doesn’t study, doesn’t have a job and lives off his parents at their waterfront home on the Sunshine Coast.

Meanwhile, his identical twin sisters are living a very different life, travelling the globe as successful supermodels.

Elisha and Renee have almost three million Instagram followers between them and admit their brother is a little different.

“Yeah, he lives in Sydney and studies science – he’s super smart.”

“He’s not into that at all. He doesn’t let us take photos! We have like one photo of him.”

Husskie interview

Ray had some choice words of advice for Eric.

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Ray Hadley says young Eric “must be suffering delusions of adequacy because he’s the least successful of the family.”

It prompted him to start going through other famous people with less successful siblings.

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