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Steve Price responds to union’s baseless and defamatory media release about him

Steve Price has responded to a dirty media release issued by the fear-mongering Electrical Trades Union.

ETU National Secretary Allen Hicks joined Steve on Thursday’s show, backing up his claims that nuclear power “has repeatedly shown itself to be a highly risky investment with deadly consequences”.

Steve called out Mr Hicks’ scare tactics and eventually terminated the interview when he refused to admit he was wrong about key facts.

Steve Price hangs up on union boss after fiery interview

After Hicks repeatedly tried to use Fukushima as his example of a major nuclear “crisis”, Steve revealed he has visited the area.

He explained it was a tsunami that killed thousands of people and that, in agreeance with the World Health Organisation, nobody has been injured or killed by radiation in the eight years since.

Now, the ETU has released an outlandish, ill-informed and dirty media release insinuating that Steve’s trip to Fukushima was funded by the nuclear industry.

“Price should also come clean on his trip to Fukushima, Japan, and reveal who covered his expenses.

“If Price is not being wilfully ignorant and indeed pushing these many dangerous lies about nuclear power, questions about his ties and interests to the industry must be answered.”

And Steve has done just that, responding the baseless and defamatory slur.

“I was in Japan on a golf trip and at the end of the golf trip I rang Channel 10, where I work, and asked The Project if they’d like me to go to Fukushima.

“I don’t know anyone in the nuclear industry, never had any connection with anyone in the nuclear industry, didn’t speak to anyone in the nuclear industry while I was there.

“I spoke to the survivors of a tsunami.”

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Macquarie Media colleague Ross Greenwood confirmed Steve’s explanation, revealing he was there as well.

In fact, it’s well known that Steve and Ross have travelled to Japan every year for the past decade or so to play golf.



Steve Price hangs up on union boss after fiery interview