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Steve Price hangs up on union boss after fiery interview

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Steve Price has cut short a fiery interview with the head of the Electrical Trades Union after he continued to spread anti-nuclear lies.

With energy prices soaring across Australia in recent years, the push to lift the nuclear energy ban is growing.

But ETU National Secretary Allen Hicks claims the industry “has repeatedly shown itself to be a highly risky investment with deadly consequences”.

He repeatedly tried to use Fukushima as his example of a major nuclear “crisis”, directly contradicting a 2015 World Health Organisation report.

“There were no acute radiation injuries or deaths among the workers or the public due to exposure to radiation resulting from the Fukushima accident.”

– World Health Organisation (2015)

Steve Price called Mr Hicks out on the claims, live on air.

Price: “You can’t ignore facts mate. Fukushima got hit by a tsunami and had no [nuclear] impact on anybody living in that area.”

Hicks: “Well that’s not the case and I’d suggest you do some further research.”

Price: “No, I’d suggest you do some further research because you’re scaring people unnecessarily.”

Hicks: “I’m not scaring people at all, I’m stating the facts.”

Mr Hicks then went on to claim countries, including South Korea, are phasing out nuclear energy.

Again, he was called out.

“Not right… South Korea’s building five more. Stop making stuff up!”

The union boss tried one final drawcard, citing the 1986 Soviet Union nuclear disaster at Chernobyl.

At that point, Steve had enough and told Mr Hicks to “go away”, hanging up the call.

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