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Roads Minster denies NSW is lagging in catching dangerous drivers

NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey has denied the state is lagging behind when it comes to point-to-point speed cameras.

An OECD study found the technology is effective in reducing speeding.

The cameras are on New South Wales roads, but only for heavy vehicles.

Speaking to Chris Smith, she defends the limitation saying she’s “not concerned”.

“We’ve got more point-to-point areas in New South Wales than anywhere else.

“Our greater concern is taking the community with us on this measure of improving road safety.

“I’m more interested in having a holistic approach. There’s not just one silver bullet to this, Chris.”

As for drivers dodging lengthy suspensions due to a new change in the law, Ms Pavey says it’s a matter for the courts.

“We are leaving the courts to decide.

“But what we were concerned about, as an entire parliament… longer license disqualification had little or no deterrent effect from stopping people from driving.

“If you can turn your life around… you’ll have an opportunity to present your case to court.”

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