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Ray Hadley slams ‘pen-pushers’ using police officers ‘as punching bags’

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Ray Hadley has hit out at “pen-pushers” in the Queensland Police Service over the suspension of a 47-year-old Sergeant.

The highly-regarded Gold Coast officer has been stood down from duty and charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle after allegedly chasing a moped driver.

Ray challenged the legitimacy of Queensland’s do-not-pursue policy.

“There are no winners in any of this.

“I’ve had a gutful of long-standing coppers … being used as punching bags for senior blokes who’ve never faced a man or woman in anger.”

Queensland Police Union General President Ian Leavers told Ray the case is an “absolute disgrace”, accusing the oversight body of “throwing our people to the wall”.

“‘Let’s prosecute police because it’s a bit like a sport, and we’ll see what the courts say’. They have no idea of the consequences.

“We’ll defend this every step of the way.”

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