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Ray Hadley says Premier ‘buck-passing’ responsibility for hotel quarantine issues

Ray Hadley says Premier Gladys Berejiklian is evading her government’s responsibility in hiring security guards for hotel quarantine.

He said he was “greatly concerned about the buck-passing” when the Premier was yesterday questioned about the issues around hotel quarantine.

The Premier was quoted as saying the police force oversees hotel quarantine, while the Police Commissioner Mick Fuller was reported as saying the government was responsible for hiring those security companies.

The hotel security program has come under fire in recent weeks after two security guards tested positive to COVID-19.

Ray yesterday relayed an off-air conversation with one guard, who allegedly flouted orders to self-isolate.

He said the Premier needs to clarify her comments around the government’s involvement.

“It’s not much fun throwing the police commissioner under the bus,” he said.

“My information is Mick Fuller does not contract the security guards.

“Yes they are under his control once they are at the hotel, but he doesn’t hire them.

“One of your departments hires them – he is at arms length from that.

“We hate to think you are duck-shoving the blame somewhere else, when it belongs certainly under your government’s control.”

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