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Ray Hadley reveals exchange with security guard fined for flouting self-isolation

Ray Hadley has relayed a conversation with a quarantine security guard who contracted COVID-19 and was fined twice for allegedly failing to isolate while waiting for his results. 

Ray revealed on air this morning he spoke to the guard, a 22-year-old, who has very limited English.

He was told to get tested after a fellow security guard at the Marriott Hotel tested positive.

He was tested on Thursday at 5pm, and ordered to self-isolate.

But police allege he visited a shopping centre on Burwood Road in Burwood, and a government services building on Friday.

He later returned a positive result.

“He is a 22-year-old with very limited English, and I do mean limited,” Ray said.

“There were some things we were able to exchange.

“It appears not only did he know precious little about who he was guarding, he didn’t know much about the virus either.

“That might explain why he went shopping and then to the service centre.

“Today I would plead with the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian – how they are employing security guards who get the job [online] is beyond me – I don’t understand how that’s happening.

“She says we are on a knife’s edge and while she says that she’s allowing this to continue.”

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