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Police Commissioner declares ‘zero risk’ impossible amid calls for removal of security guards

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has expressed full confidence in the hotel quarantine security operation despite a self-isolation breach.

Ray Hadley called out Premier Gladys Berejiklian for “buck-passing” responsibility after two privately contracted security guards tested positive to COVID-19, one of whom allegedly flouted instructions to self-isolate.

Fronting the media this morning, the Premier explained security guards are contracted at the request of NSW Police.

“The state government has two roles when it comes to hotel quarantine: number one, to put the police in charge, and number two, to pay the bills.”

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller gave the guards support.

“Neither of those guards breached any of the security act or their role as a security guard, … only the health orders for not self-isolating.

“I get the concern about this, because we know the other states and territories, other countries have been let down by hotel quarantine. It’s not lost on me how important it is.

“If I felt that the security guard aspect of the operation was failing, then I would put police in there.”

Joining Ray, Mr Fuller said the private contractors “are a distant third” level of security, in addition to police and Australian Defence Force personnel.

“There’s certain things that happen that mean I can’t make it zero risk.”

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