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Peter Dutton calls for public shaming of climate protesters

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Federal minister Peter Dutton is calling for the public to actively shame climate protesters who are “putting lives at risk”.

It’s been another week of chaos in Brisbane after two illegal protests by climate activist group Extinction Rebellion caused traffic chaos.

One woman shut down the Victoria Bridge in peak hour on Monday when she suspended herself from a tripod over the Brisbane River.

Another protest saw a group of six lock themselves to a metal barricade in the middle of Creek Street on Wednesday.

Peter Dutton tells Ray Hadley public shaming may be the only thing that puts a stop to this group.

“People should take these names and the photos of these people and distribute them as far and wide as they can so that we shame these people.

“Let their families know what you think of their behaviour.”

He says it’s about time the Queensland government imposed mandatory minimum sentences on the protesters.

“They should be jailed until their behaviour changes because they’re putting lives at risk.

“They keep turning up week after week because a slap on the wrist is just not working.”

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Image: Getty/Cameron Spencer