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NRL executive admits he gave referees a ‘verbal blast’ after ‘sloppy’ round

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The NRL’s Head of Football admits he’s “very disappointed” in referees following a controversial round of the NRL.

Rabbitohs forward George Burgess has been handed a nine-game suspension for eye gouging Robbie Farah in their loss to the Wests Tigers.

Cameras clearly picked up the disgusting act in the seventh minute but referees only awarded a penalty and placed Burgess on report.

NRL Executive Graham Annesley tells John Stanley, “they didn’t act strong enough”.

“I was very disappointed that there wasn’t harsher action taken on the field John.

“There’s already been discussions internally this week about the lack of action from the bunker.

“I’ve made it very clear to the referees’ coaching staff that where they see serious acts of foul play, they should act on that.”

John asks whether Mr Annesley gave the officials responsible “a verbal blast and a warning”.

“Yeah absolutely. I’m very open about that.”

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