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MPs break ranks to defy government’s vaping ban

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A petition lead by two Queensland politicians has been circulated calling for the Federal Government to reverse plans to ban e-cigarette imports.

Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced he wants to prohibit the importation of vaping devices, or e-cigarettes, containing liquid nicotine from July 1.

Mark Levy said there was a “revolt against the vaping ban” happening, with Senator Matthew Canavan and Dawson MP George Christensen throwing their support behind the petition.

The petition, which is already sitting at more than 17,000 signatures in just a few hours, claims Australians could be forced to use more dangerous legal alternatives, such as cigarettes, or resort to black market options.

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Mr Canavan told Mark Levy he’s campaigning against his own government in hopes of legalising the devices under a better regulatory framework.

“I understand the law’s the law … and I think the situation we had, the status quo, was unsustainable.

“We kind of turned a blind eye, almost, to the importation of these products.

“What I’d like to see is we have a properly regulated market which provides these products safely, hopefully produced in Australia.

“I think there’s a win-win-win there.”

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Health Minister defends decision to ban e-cigarette imports