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Mark Latham: Malcolm Turnbull should sack Barnaby Joyce

Mark Latham says Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has crossed the line and should be sacked.

Mark tells Alan Jones the misuse of public money needs to be addressed.

“The bigger role for Malcolm Turnbull is a leadership one, to say that this is not on.

“I mean the private aspect of it could stay private but the moment Joyce crossed the line and there was an issue to do with the proper use of public money… no one wants to have their money used for the Deputy Prime Minister to facilitate an arrangement whereby he’s having an affair behind his wife’s back in Canberra.

“If Malcolm Turnbull had any leadership bones in his body, he’d say that Joyce and [Matt] Canavan are not up to a decent ministerial standard and he’d sack them both and that would then force the National Party to find a new leader.”

Mark also spoke to Alan about a controversial new documentary aired by the ABC called “First Day”.

“It was a program that focused extensively on the boy who’d become a girl having access to the girls’ toilet.

“I’m the parent of a young female student and I can say that any school that allows anyone with a penis into the girls’ toilet, well that’s a school that my daughter won’t be attending into the future.”

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