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Government fails to deliver on promise to veteran

A top army lawyer says former defence minister Marise Payne failed to deliver on a promise to compensate a veteran with PTSD.

The army has hired a top law firm to take on the case of the decorated former commando, who toured Afghanistan five times.

He wants compensation for the way he was treated by his chain of command when he told them he had PTSD and wanted to take a break.

Army lawyer Glenn Kolomitz tells Ben Fordham the commando sat down with then defence minister Marise Payne two years ago, where she promised she would do something about the situation.

“She gave us a categorical undertaking in front of both of us and Senator Lambie that he would receive a mediated outcome – a settlement. She said that in her own words.”

But nothing has been resolved.

Ben has promised to contact both Marise Payne and Jacquie Lambie about the situation.

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