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Former prisons boss has a system to stop the prison sex scandal

The former prisons boss says the issue of guards and prisoners having sexual relationships isn’t new but insists work can be done to prevent it.

An independent task force has been launched to investigate improper relationships in New South Wales jails.

It comes after Ray Hadley exclusively revealed details of 10 prison guards who have engaged in sexual relationships with inmates since 2007.

There are calls for Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin to stand down or be sacked following years of scandal within the prison system.

Ray speaks with Mr Severin’s predecessor Ron Woodham who spent 50 years in the system, rising from the rank of a junior officer at Long Bay, all the way to the commissioner’s office.

In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Woodham tells Ray Hadley, some prisoners entrap guards but the situation can be prevented.

“I had a system of duty officers, they were 24/7.

“Everything in every jail had to be reported to the duty officer and they’d record it.

“Every morning at 6 o’clock they’d fax me and the minister’s office and the other superintendents and assistant commissioners a copy of the running sheet.”

After Commissioner Severin was caught lying about his knowledge of the sex scandal, Mr Woodham says the system must return.

“It was a real good system and everyone was informed that had to be informed, including the minister.”

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Ray Hadley has also revealed Minister David Elliott met with corrections officers in private until 8pm last night.

He remained in Kempsey today to spring an unscheduled visit on the jail this morning.



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