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Corrections Minister stakes his job on fixing prison sex scandal

Article image for Corrections Minister stakes his job on fixing prison sex scandal

Ray Hadley has unearthed several more cases of Corrections Officers having sex with the inmates they’re supposed to be guarding.

It comes after exclusive revelations a prison guard at Kempsey jail maintained a sexual relationship with cop killer Sione Penisini for more than a year.

Whistleblowers have now informed The Ray Hadley Morning Show of the following cases:

2007 Tamworth Correctional Centre
Allegations of misconduct were made by the ex-partner of the Corrective Services officer. They were investigated and dealt with at the time.

2010 Silverwater Correctional Centre

A female prison guard admitted she’d fallen in love with inmate Daniel Cantarakis.

The inmate was moved to Parklea Correctional Centre while the guard was just shifted to another area of Silverwater.


A female officer resigned from a Sydney correctional centre after the General Manager confronted her with allegations of improper contact with an inmate.

2016 Silverwater Correctional Centre

A guard was caught by two of her colleagues engaged in a sexual act with inmate Jesse Kelly at Silverwater jail.

She was under the influence of methamphetamines and was accused of smuggling contraband into the centre for him.

Kelly was the driver of a vehicle that crashed in 2005, killing his friend and sparking the Macquarie Fields riots.

This guard was allowed to resign rather than being sacked.

2017 Mid North Coast Correctional Centre

A staffer was suspended from duty and subsequently resigned.

2018 Brush Farm Correctional Centre
A female staff member was suspended from duty earlier this year and dismissed following aninvestigation.

2018 Long Bay Correctional Centre

An officer was caught having sex with an inmate in the gym at Long Bay jail.

The inmate, Jarad Smith, was responsible for the drink driving death of two innocent people in 2014.

Once again, the guard was allowed to resign, while Smith has now been granted day release.

2018 Lithgow Correctional Centre

A female Corrections officer has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct.

An investigation is ongoing.

2018 Mid North Coast Correctional Centre

Prison guard Amy Connors has been suspended over the relationship with Sione Penisini.


Corrections Minister David Elliott admitted he wasn’t aware of these incidents until told by The Ray Hadley Morning Show.

He’s promised to introduce tougher penalties for guards caught having relationships with inmates, staking his place in job on the issue.

“It’s an insult to the victims of crime which is why yesterday I’ve started the process to increase the penalties for any officer found having a sexual relationship with an inmate.

“As far I’m concerned, if I can’t pull that off I’ve got no business being in cabinet.

“I have made it very, very clear to all and sundry in the last 24 hours that this is non-negotiable as far as I’m concerned.

“If I have some smart lawyer or bureaucrat tell me otherwise well then there’s going to be a stand down.”

Minister Elliott will be chasing answers from Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin as to why this has been going on.

“The case studies that you’ve given me over the last 24 hours, I haven’t been advised of…

“Why were these officers allowed to resign, they’ve brought the uniforms into disrepute, they’ve brought their profession into disrepute, they’ve insulted the victims of the crime.”

Click PLAY below for the full interview

Since Ray broke the story, the brother in law of Jarad Smith’s victim, Cathy Pracy, phoned the program.

Duncan Miller tells Ray he first heard about Jarad Smith having sex with prison guards via Ray.

“Not a word. I’m just bewildered and pretty disappointed. I mean not pretty disappointed. Disgusted.”

Duncan tells Ray authorities hadn’t even told the family Smith has been on day release.

Click PLAY below to hear Duncan’s call




Ray Hadley unleashes on Corrections Minister over Kempsey jail ‘disgrace’