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Environment minister stands by comments linking bushfires to climate change

Deborah Knight

Environment Minister Matt Kean has stood by his controversial comments linking recent bushfires to climate change.

As NSW battles unprecedented bushfires the environment minister has insisted “no one can deny” climate change is to blame while addressing the Smart Energy Summit.

He has drawn criticism from many who have accused him of politicising the bushfires.

He tells Deborah Knight he does not believe his comments were “controversial” since “scientists have been predicting this for decades”.

“I’m not waiting until the end of summer. I’m the environment minister and it’s my responsibility to be looking at this now.

“I will listen to the experts and if people want to put forward scientific advice and expert opinion with experience in these fields then we’re very happy to listen to them.

“But right now people are putting forward opinions that are not based on facts and are not based on evidence.”

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Image: RFS