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Steve Price slams Liberal minister for linking Sydney smoke to climate change

Steve Price has ripped into the NSW Environment Minister for linking recent bushfires to climate change.

As Sydney choked on a heavy smoke haze on Tuesday, Environment Minister Matt Kean was addressing the Smart Energy Summit alongside the likes of Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Kean insisted “no one can deny” climate change is to blame for the bushfires and smoke, which is “exactly what the scientists have warned us would happen”.

Steve Price says he couldn’t believe the comments when he first heard them.

“On the worst environment condition day in Sydney that anyone can ever remember, the minister was speaking at a $400-a-head elitist green summit.

“What does climate change have to do with arsonists lighting fires?

“What does science say about governments who haven’t built a dam in decades and have screwed up water policy?”

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NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham tells Steve it’s “opportunistic” for any politician to use the bushfires to talk about climate change.

“It’s ill-advised for any politician to be mixing up weather events with 1500 year climate trends.

“In Australia, we’ve had bushfires for 60,000 years.

“The important thing is to focus on the fundamentals of saving properties and lives.”

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