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Driver responsible for fatal M4 pileup drove off afterwards

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Ray Hadley has revealed the motorist who caused yesterday’s fatal M4 crash drove off afterwards and hasn’t handed themselves in.

36-year-old tradie Francis Shanley was killed in the 11 vehicle pile-up at the Church St exit at Mays Hill.

The location is a notorious black spot, where motorists regularly stop dead in the 80km/h zone, attempting to push in ahead of traffic and avoid the toll.

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A small sedan was attempting to do exactly that when a truck came around the corner and couldn’t stop in time.

It led to the accident, described by emergency services as “extremely distressing”, which shut the major motorway for almost six hours.

Ray has now revealed the car responsible drove off through the tolls after causing the accident and hasn’t spoken with police since.

“A stack of lives were impacted yesterday by the sheer stupidity of a person trying to push in. A man is dead.” says Ray

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Listeners phoned Ray Hadley a day after the crash, reporting flexi-bollards have been extended until well before the exit.

Roads Minister Andrew Constance has asked for a full briefing on the notorious stretch of road.

But it comes too late for Francis Shanley who was due to marry his Australian fiancee next year.

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