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Chef de Mission: ‘It probably didn’t roll out quite as we’d hoped…’

Chris Kenny

This year’s Commonwealth Games has been declared a “national embarrassment”.

And it certainly doesn’t help that it comes after the woeful opening ceremony.

Instead of using it as an opportunity to redeem themselves, organisers left spectators even more disappointed and confused, including host broadcasters Channel 7.

“Ceremony organisers forgot about the sport and the athletes,  they’re preoccupied with the entertainment aspects instead,” says Chris Kenny.

“It’s for the crowd at the stadium and the spectators watching on television to celebrate the athletes.

“We were denied it by the organisers.”

Steve Moneghetti, Chef de Mission for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, tells Chris he was also left dumbfounded.

“We thought we’d probably have a bit more focus on the athletes.

He says all the athletes were in the stadium by 8pm, half an hour before broadcast time, before they realised it was a rehearsal.

“So word got around pretty quickly that the live broadcast wasn’t going to happen.

“We kind of just anticipated there would be some athletes component of it during the event, then we realised probably that may not be going to happen.”

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