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Opening ceremony ‘an insult’ to all Australians

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are off and running following last night’s opening ceremony.

Prince Charles was on hand to receive the Queen’s Baton from hurdler Sally Pearson, read the Queen’s message and officially declare the 21st Commonwealth Games open.

But many have been left scratching their heads at the ceremony itself, with Aboriginal culture trumping all else, including any sort of promotion of the Gold Coast.

35,000 fans at Carrara Stadium were also urged to stay standing as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags were raised in equal stature to the Australian flag.

Alan Jones has called the “symbolism” of the ceremony “rubbish and an insult” to all Australians.

“This was an opportunity to celebrate Australia, to celebrate Queensland.

“No one could understand let alone enjoy what all that indigenous symbolism was about.

“Thank god for the athletes’ parade, then the colour of the Africans, the gifted John Foreman, the 16-year-old flagbearer from Mozambique, Prince Charles looking bored rigid, at least he gave me a laugh…

“This is what the people paid to see, not this other apologetic, ingratiating, knee-bending rubbish.

“Australians and Queenslanders and the Gold Coast have plenty to celebrate and a fabulous story to tell the world.

“We are all part of the story. Aboriginal Australians are not the whole story, they’re part of Australia’s history. A history meant which is meant to be shared with all of us.”

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