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Closing ceremony a national embarrassment

The Commonwealth Games closing ceremony is being slammed as a national disgrace by all, including the host broadcasters Channel 7.

After the disgraceful Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, organisers had the perfect opportunity to redeem themselves.

Instead, they dug a deeper and more embarrassing hole, ending 11 days of impeccable competition on the sourest of notes.

Alan has once again called out the “embarrassing display”.

“We had Usain Bolt on stage DJing and even the great Usain Bolt couldn’t have run out of the stadium quick enough.

“Everybody under the sun got a speech, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Tom Tate, Sam Coffer, Peter Beattie, Louise Martin, Prince Edward, Ian Metcalfe, Anne Underwood.

“Most appallingly, viewers at home saw not one image of one athlete, not one.

“The parade of nations, including Kurt Fearnley leading in the Australian team happened prior to the broadcast.

“Such was the atrocious quality of the entertainment, by about halfway through the evening the stadium was empty. Every athlete had gone and most of the crowd.”

The ceremony was such a disgrace it left one Games volunteer in tears.

Jackie called Alan from the Gold Coast so upset that the athletes were excluded.

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Channel 7 was so embarrassed, hosts Basil Zempilas and Johanna Griggs not only apologised at the ceremony’s conclusion, but tore shreds off the organisers.

Gold Coast Comm Games Chairman Peter Beattie issued his own apology on Twitter this morning.

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