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‘Certainly not ideal’: Opposition push back against WestConnex bid

The Premier says she’s happy to accept a conditional bid from Transurban to buy a majority stake in WestConnex.

The government has pushed ahead with today’s closing date, despite the competition watchdog’s decision to extend a review of Transurban’s market dominance.

Last week ACCC Chairman Rod Sims told Ross Greenwood “we’re taking the time to get the decision right so we don’t lock in anti-competitive arrangements”.

Gladys Berejiklian says the regulator’s concerns are a normal part of the process.

Shadow Minister for Roads Jodi McKay says there are “two issues here”.

“The first is that obviously when the government seeks to finalise this process in September, we’re going to be just months from an election.

“The second is we’ve said from the very beginning we’ve had concerns about this. All those who’ve read the business case would know this was never to be the way WestConnex was to be financed.

“And now we find that we’re in a situation where government is proceeding with this sale even though we don’t have the findings by the ACCC.

“So it’s certainly not an ideal environment to be selling what is the largest infrastructure project in Australia.”

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