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‘You’ve lost me’: Alan Jones confronts Deputy Premier over ‘insulting’ One Nation comments

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The Deputy Premier is urging voters to preference One Nation last at tomorrow’s election, labelling their views “extreme”.

In an interview with the ABC, John Barilaro took a sledgehammer to the conservative party, explaining why he would never do a deal with them.

“Their extreme views. I’ve been offended by some of the commentary. I’ve been offended by Mark Latham’s views on the world on a couple of big issues.

“Any party that wants to campaign on fear, campaign on race or immigration numbers will never have the support of the Nationals in NSW while I lead it.”

One the eve of the state election, Alan Jones has questioned why the Nationals Leader would insult hundreds of thousands of conservative voters.

“Are you serious? I don’t know whether you’re trying to win or not?

“That means, not that you’re putting One Nation last but you’re putting the Greens ahead of One Nation.

“They don’t have rabies, they’re actually people who fight for the same sort of causes as you fight for.

“It’s not credible and it’s not credible to the people who have supported you, and I’m one of them.”

“I tell you what, you’ve lost me,” says Alan.

Mr Barilaro didn’t repeat his claims while speaking with Alan, instead saying the voters should simply put a one next to the LNP.

“The truth is this, it’s simple. People that don’t want to vote Greens, don’t vote for the Greens.

“They get a chance to vote for a Liberal-National Coalition or they vote for a Labor, Greens, Shooters alliance.”

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will not say if he would preference One Nation last at the federal election.

The Project’s Waleed Aly repeatedly pushed the PM to make the commitment but he refused, saying the decision will be made by the Liberal Party when nominations are announced.