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‘You’d think it’s Greens legislation!’: Ray Hadley slams new welfare benefit

The NSW government has received enormous backlash following its announcement of a plan to halve fines for those receiving government benefits.

The ‘fairer fines’ system will allow financially disadvantaged NSW residents to apply for a 50 per cent discount on fines excluding those issued by a court, voting-related fines and jury duty fines.

Ray Hadley slammed the scheme, labelling it “class division”.

“It’s just silly – you’d think it’s Greens legislation!

“It’s not right!”

While the Commissioner of Fines Administration reserves the right to exclude serious offences, the definition of such an offence has not been made clear.

“In other words, it’s an arbitrary decision by someone,” Ray said.

“What’s ‘serious’? Given the number of people who lose their lives by illegal use of the mobile phone, I’d say that was fairly serious.”

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