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‘You lied!’: Jodi McKay refuses to back down in heated interview

NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay is refusing to back down over comments she made after Health Minister Brad Hazzard’s interview on 2GB.

Ms McKay questioned Mr Hazzard in parliament over whether there were enough mask supplies following an interview with Ben Fordham.

Mr Hazzard responded by calling her a ‘goose’, ‘stupid’ and a ‘complete pork chop’.

The Health Minister had told Ben Fordham, “if you were to impose it as a mandatory requirement, then obviously there’s a massive demand for those masks at times when people may not need them, and that diminishes the number of masks that are available.”

“Jodi McKay was misleading and Brad Hazzard at times was a bit embarrassing,” Ben Fordham declared.

Both politicians joined Ben Fordham on-air after the clash.

Ben Fordham: “You made a statement that Brad Hazzard said something on this show that he never said … and if you’re fair dinkum you’d acknowledge that.

Jodi McKay: “Well, I’m not going to acknowledge that at all, Ben.”

Ben Fordham: “You lied about what you said.”

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NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham told Ben the public expect better from their elected representatives.

“If the leader of the Opposition had made a mistake, which she clearly had, there are better ways.

“I think [Brad Hazzard] needed to point out the mistake and, if he liked, turned the political knife on her but the way he did it was pretty scatty.”

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