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‘World War 3 out there’: Pharmacists attacked as coronavirus panic takes hold

Pharmacists across the country are being attacked as people turn to stockpiling medicines.

The federal government has announced children’s paracetamol will be kept behind the counter and asthmatics will have to provide evidence of their condition to access Ventolin.

Pharmacy Guild of Australia National Vice President Trent Twomey tells Alan Jones a Victorian pharmacist was punched in the face yesterday after she told a customer he can only have one packet of tissues.

“We’ve got another example where one man came in and said, ‘I want six puffers’.

“The pharmacist said, ‘sorry, you can have the two that’s on your script’.

“He picked up a one-litre sunscreen bottle, threw it at the pharmacist, the pharmacist ducked and it hit another customer in the side of the head and he required stitches.

“It’s just World War 3 out there in the trenches.”

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Image: Getty/Construction Photography/Avalon