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‘World-leading’ technology to snap drivers using phones behind the wheel

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NSW Parliament has passed world-leading technology to capture drivers texting behind the wheel.

The red-light-style cameras are part of the state government’s latest road safety reforms.

Chris Smith says the new technology has the potential to “drastically change attitudes when it comes to mobile phones” on the road.

The Chris Smith Show first highlighted the new technology last year in an interview with Alex McCredie from One Task.

NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey tells Chris the decision to push the legislation came after a conversation she had with Mr McCredie.

“He’s been very strong in this and it was through meeting him we said this is a game changer, as you said, it is a game changer.”

The Minister can’t reveal details on how or when the technology will come into effect but pleads with drivers to keep off their phones.

“We can’t say absolutely how it’s going to be rolled out, whether it’s mobile or fixed, it might be a combination of both.

“If people could just keep off their phones… stop checking their texts, stop checking their Facebook.”

Listen to the full interview below