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World first cameras to detect those texting and driving

Deborah Knight

Red-light-style camera technology – said to be a world first – is expected to be rolled out to catch drivers illegally using their mobile phones.

The hi-tech cameras have already been tested on Victorian roads, with more than 270 culprits detected during a five-hour test across just one lane of the state’s eastern freeway.

Deborah Knight speaks with Alex McCredie, Project Manager at One Task, the team behind this hi-tech system.

“They just can’t seem to catch these people. I don’t think it’s a reflection on the police, it’s just that people are now holding their phones right down low where they can’t be seen.

“This technology can pick that up.”

The new hi-tech cameras are causing a divide, with drivers concerned the pictures could be invasive, others saying it’s another sign of the nanny state.

But Deborah is all for the new red-light-style cameras.

“If my life is being saved and the lives of my kids are being saved… I don’t care if they’ve got a shot of my legs. They should be rolling this out nationally.”

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