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Where to get Sydney’s world-famous gelato

What better way to cool down this time of the year than with some gelato.

Cow & The Moon is a gelateria in Enmore which has punters lining up around the block waiting to try their ice cream which was voted number one in 2014.

Sam Crowl is co-founder of the gelato bar and joins Chris Kenny in the studio.

“Australia, the weather lends itself to ice-cream. It’s the perfect climate for it.

“There’s a lot of Italians here and they bring over lots of traditions and recipes.”

With competitors like Messina just down the road, Sam tells Chris there are no hard feelings.

“It’s funny, everyone always thinks we have this fierce competition. But really, we’re all mates.”

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Sam Crowl from Cow & The Moon and Chris Kenny share a scoop of passionfruit creme gelato.

Chris Kenny