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What’s wrong with this picture? One Iron shocks Chris Smith but he has good reason

Would you wear a rival club’s jersey if you thought your team would win?

Anyone who knows One Iron knows he’s a die-hard West Tigers fan, but today he walked into the studio sporting the colours of a rival club and Chris Smith is a little confused.

“It’s a long story,” One Iron admits.

One Iron reveals he’s wearing a vintage Manly Sea Eagles jumper not because he’s ditched his beloved Tigers, but because he’s superstitious.

The jersey was handed to him by NRL immortal Bob Fulton the night before a Tigers game and he swears there’s something special in that fabric.

“Every time I’ve worn this jersey before a Tigers game, they’ve won. And every time I haven’t worn it, they’ve lost,” he says.

One Iron is in some fine company when it comes to superstitions. Basketball legend Michael Jordan and tennis great Rafael Nadal both admit to having game-day rituals.

One Iron’s hoping his magic jersey will do its job when the Tigers take on the Knights on Friday. But Chris is cynical.

“If the Tigers don’t win this weekend, we know that it’s all just cock and bull.”

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